Skydiving at Skylark

skydivingSkylark is happy to announce that online gaming company Betsson has decided to hold a part of its teambuilding activities on our showground.

Betsson employees are in for a challenging end of their week! The company has decided to organise an epic teambuilding weekend with rafting on the first day and skydiving on the second.

On day one employees will have to brave the UK river rapids with nothing else but an inflatable raft and their courage. River rafting is one of the most popular UK extreme sports and provides great fun as well as a satisfying challenge. The Betssoners will have to work together to ensure the raft doesn’t capsize as well as encourage each other when the nerves start to crack. There is also a competitive aspect as the rafts will be racing against each other – it’s time to see which team has the strongest fighting spirit.

Employees will spend the rest of Saturday drying their clothes and gathering their strength for the main event – a breathtaking skydiving experience.

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating sports available in the UK, offering the jumper the freedom to make the sky their own. Early in the morning Betsson employees will come to Skylark to meet their tandem instructors, who will be attached to them and will be in charge of all the vital functions such as opening the parachute and landing. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions, look terribly scared and wonder why his bosses are such adrenaline junkies.

Depending on the weather, employees will be taken up to 15,000 feet above ground for their skydiving experience. The freefall will take anywhere between 35-50 seconds before the parachute is deployed, after that it will take 4-5 minutes to reach the ground.

The entire experience will be photographed and filmed on video. The video will include Betsson’s employees preparing before the jump, the ride on the plane, the freefall and the landing. All the footage will be edited and set to music. We are sure that employees will have a blast going over the tapes at the office, while the photographs make for an epic Facebook profile picture.

We are delighted to offer Betsson’s employees their first skydiving experience! We promise you’ll have an amazing time and leave with a lifelong memory.