Extreme Sports Pushing The Boundaries

220px-Wingsuit-01Ever wondered what the most extreme sports out there were? Here is our top list:

Volcano Boarding

While most people prefer to run away from a volcano, there are some who’d rather slide on it. With specially constructed plywood boards, these enthusiasts race down active volcanoes with speeds reaching 50 miles per hour.

Train surfing

While it might be common to take a ride on a train’s roof in South Africa and Indonesia, it’s strictly prohibited in Europe. Nevertheless, adrenaline junkies have come up with ‘train surfing’ – climbing on the top of a train and standing up on your feet while it’s moving. Unsurprisingly, the sport has been the cause of several deaths.

Crocodile Bungee

Most people are scared of bungee jumping and why wouldn’t they? You are falling with face first towards the ground and the only thing that keeps you safe is a rope around your legs. Well, there is something even worse out there – crocodile bungee in Australia. For the right sum you can decide to have your bungee jump above crocodile-infested waters. So in case the rope snaps and the fall doesn’t kill you, you can always count on the crocodiles to finish the job.

Cliff Diving

While there are no crocodiles involved, cliff diving could be very dangerous depending on where you do it. Extreme caution and preparation is a must as a diver needs to be aware of the depth of the water beneath him and the height of the jump. It takes only one low tide and slightly shallower waters for a cliff diver to suffer a tragic accident.

Zorbing Ball

This sport involves a person going into a giant ball, which is then thrown down a slope. The ball has two skins and the person is in the very center of it. When inflated, the two skins create an air cushion, which, supposedly, protects the person from harm.

Surfing while Gliding

Hey, we heard you like surfing but you are also a fan of air gliding so why not combine the two and see what comes out? What comes out is hand gliding, which involves a person jumping off a cliff while holding to a giant wing and hopefully landing in the water where he could continue to casually surf and glide into the air.